Our Quotes & Beliefs

Our Quotes & Beliefs

“The Analyst is not born rather it is built through the process of learning & serving”

“Entrepreneurs and Business Management Team should not consider its Accounts are only for Receipts & Payments”

“Integration of Economic Events with Financial Transactions as per accounting process & principles is very much needed for assessing & following up business performance”

“Budget is a plan of business and TNA in Monetary Unit. Realistic Business Plan along with Time & Action (TNA) Plan is meant a Realistic Budget for an enterprise or organization or a Country”

“Budget is not for control rather Budget is a Plan for achievement of Corporate Goals and Management KPI”

“Standard Accounting & Information System to produce regular Financial Statements & its interpretation capturing the transactions in all areas of business as per FRS is imperative in today’s competitive business world”

“Today’s CFO is to drive & partner the Business along with CEO for achievement of Board Room Goals not for Controlling and stewardship functions limiting to ‘Record to Report’ only”

“Fiscal Compliance is increasingly an Imperative Issue for Enterprise Sustainability as a Going Concern”

“Machine never beat Human Wisdom”