TheAnalyst with its innovative & experienced proactive knowledge bank provides solid foundation to create and flowing timely solid financial and operational information with solid interpretation.

Customer Focus

TheAnalyst with its strong ethics recognizes that Customer’s values and understanding of its needs is always first.


TheAnalyst who have the leading edge skills with its continuous learning improvement to drive business growth is equipped & opened to deliver performance


TheAnalyst has strong professional bedrock updating necessary time bound skills, experiences and knowledge in Business-Finance-Investment in all together ‘Three in One Analytical Review’

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Business & Knowledge Process Outsourcing (BPO, KPO & SSO)

Outsourcing is the contracting of the operations and responsibilities of a specific Business Process or Function to a third-party Service Provider.

Virtual CFO

To Drive, Perform & Deliver financial management services-to safeguard the enterprise revenues, profits, Returns of investment, Cash & Capital Flow to achieve full financial goals & sustainable growth along with establishment of efficient & effective Risk Management and analyze root causes of variations & formulation of strategy for achievements for the clients who are not readily employed full time CFO;

Business Analyst

To analyze and deliver analytics & industry standard process, System, Products etc. for the enterprise Business assessing the business Plan & Model and its integration with technology for Enterprise Performance in buying, producing and selling as a going concern;

Financial Analyst

To deliver the financial performance of the business like as, Profitability, Solvency and Sustainability of the business as a going concern with the Past and Predictive Analytics;

Investment Analyst

To analyze capital Budgeting as investment in the fixed assets and financial instruments in the market with the relevant information building a successful investment portfolio with appropriate returns of investment in the industry and markets supporting investors and entrepreneurs;

Risk Analyst-Internal Auditor

To conduct internal audit for assessing degree of risks – Business Risk, Management Risk, Financial Risk & Regulatory Risk associated with the business and its management delivering comprehensive reports with remedials and follow-up action subsequently;

Accounting System Analyst

To assess & Report the performance of Accounting Information System in place to produce Financial Statements – Balance Sheet, Income Statement & Cash Flow Statement following Generally Accepted Accounting Principles & Financial Reporting Standards;


To collect, check, document and account for business transactions with evidences collecting transactions vouchers creating accounting vouchers keeping and maintaining standard Books of Accounts and producing periodical Financial Statements – Balance Sheet. Income Statement & Cash Flow Statement with the interpretation in accordance with the regulated Financial Reporting Standards and fiscal compliances of the country assuring of the services – Record to Report with interpretation of Financial Conditions and performance;

Tax Analyst

To analyze and make tax plan including Custom Duties, VAT and Income Tax in transactions of the business with the incidence of tax in doing business scrutinizing tax returns in accordance with Tax plan & budget facilitating submission and completion of Tax Assessment and payment of Tax Liabilities in compliance with Country Tax Laws, Rules and Regulations;

Supply Chain Analyst

To analyze the practice of the concept of modern Supply Chain & Value Chain in order to make sure un-interrupted business operations:  Plan to Produce, Procure to Pay and Order to Cash facilitating to establish and implement suitable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System with the complete accounting for Inventories of the business;

ERP & EPM Consultant

To conduct the due diligence assessing the capacity & strength of      Management  to adopt with ERP & EPM making ready the People, Process & System of the company and selecting & installing suitable ERP & EPM System and implementing it for the company;

ICT Manager

To assess, engineer, deliver, perform and manage the connectivity, infrastructure, data center and administering servers of the clients in today’s Digital & Automated Integrated Business Management System optimizing Information & Communication Technology ;

Industrial & Production Engineer

To assess & engineer the Production Process in Production Floor with the allocation of resources, monitoring the use of resources with the concept of Quality Assurance Management: Plan-Do-Check-Action (PDCA) for continuous improvement of Productivity and management efficiency achieving the industry standard;

Business Support Manager

To deliver the services for incorporation and establishment of the company getting it Run-in-Position obtaining licenses & permissions as is called Business Set up services and its continuity & management with the process of its renewal along with submission of necessary & appropriate periodical regulatory returns to and approval of regulatory authorities of the country;

Human Capital Manager

To form and build Organization designing enterprise functional Organization Chart and Placement of the Human Capital defining SMART Job Specifications and Pay-roll structure with industry standard compensation package and 3D  Performance Appraisal System providing and arranging skill development program for the people of the Enterprise with the concept of 04R – Recruitment-Retention-Redundant-Replacement establishing Human Capital Budget and variance analysis for achievement of the Corporate Goals with Demographic Analytics;

Goal, Mission, Vision & Objective


Our unifying Goal

is to elevate delivering the performance of the Business Finance & Investment adding all about values to the Managers, Shareholders and Stakeholders.


Our vision

is to be a market leader driving us as one of the successful organization globally under the spirit of entrepreneurship;


Our mission

is to be the first choice of business & investment world in development, execution, evaluation & finally refinement of our Client needs with a follow-up of its challenges;


We do respect

value and feel proud of  relationship with our valued Clients


We are always industry focused

with deliverables


Our purpose

is the ever-greater engagement serving to our valued Clients maintaining high business and professional ethics & values;


We do focus

our strengths and promise on the needs of our valued Clients keeping its privacy and confidentiality as is a paramount of our business;